A message from the Owner...

Thank you for visiting our home! My name is Nia Madison and I am the Owner and CEO of Marble Cosmetix LLC. Our brand is geared towards providing affordable and great quality products to everyone from Barely there, Naturals to Beat faced Divas. Using my 10+ years of Cosmetology and Business Management experience, Customer Service knowledge, and my pure passion for the beauty industry, I took a leap of faith and decided to start my own skincare and Cosmetic line. Growing up in the outskirts of Chicago, I knew that I had to change my surroundings and let nothing stop me from going for my dreams. I attended college, worked various jobs and gained a lot of experience running a few businesses but I always knew I could not work to make someone else rich for the rest of my life. I started by reading any and everything about starting a business. I came up with a plan and put it in motion. I have been so blessed to have great supporters around me and have never given up no matter how hard it seemed! I just wanted to let you, my Marble Beauties, know a little bit about me and my vision for Marble Cosmetix LLC, the brand. I want this site to be a beauty haven where you can receive knowledge on products, different application techniques and eventually offer seminars to allow you to become a Beauty Boss of your own.  I will always try to provide a friendly and transparent service for you all. I always want to hear from my Marble Beauties! Feel free to reach my team and I via our Contact Page. Please allow 48 hours for a response. Again thank you for visiting our home!  Come back soon!

Forever Yours,

Marble Cosmetix LLC., Owner and CEO